Monday, October 19, 8:30-10:20 am 

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Glenda Ballard, CSOTTE Conference Chair


"Teachers CAN and HAVE!"


The campaign begun by Raise Your Hand, Texas this past January, “#Teachers CAN”—and this year’s theme for the CSOTTE Conference—was, in many ways, a foreshadowing of what was to come in 2020.  Reflecting on the past seven months, I submit to you that educators from around the state have demonstrated that they not only CAN but also they HAVE. Nowhere has this been even more evident than in the ways in which educator preparation has stepped up and delivered this year.  Now, as an organization, let us seize this opportunity to take back our profession; to return to a time when teachers were respected and lauded for their tireless energies both inside and outside the classroom; and to celebrate their adeptness, agility, and willingness to take on COVID-19 and educate our children!


Dr. Glenda Ballard serves as this year’s Chair of CSOTTE and is currently Associate Vice President for Graduate and Professional Studies at St. Edward’s University.  As a 42-year veteran of “all things education”, she advocates passionately for the power of education to change lives.

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Classroom Setup Grants

The Texas Association of Certification Officers awarded classroom setup grants of $250 to twelve first-year teachers certified through Texas EPPs. 

2020 Recipients:

Kara Tatum, Baylor University
Cami Cox, Baylor University
Kayle Lindsay, Lubbock Christian University
Katherine Mainville, Tarleton State University
Lauren Woods, Texas A&M University

Kristina Kana, Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Susana Martinez, Texas A&M University-San Antonio
Rhiana Martinez, Texas A&M University-San Antonio
Daniela Gurrola, Texas A&M University-San Antonio

Diana Marquez Munoz, University of Texas at Arlington

Haley Hanson, University of Texas at Austin
Jaylene Lemus, University of Texas at Austin


TACTE Annual Leadership Award

The TACTE Leadership Award is presented to one who is deserving of TACTE recognition for significant contributions to the educator preparation process in Texas.

Joyce Hardin Service Award

This award is presented for outstanding service to TACTE and the education profession.

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Friend of Education Award

CSOTTE presents the Friend of Teacher Education Award to recognize and reward individuals not officially connected with teacher preparation organizations and institutions, but who have made significant contributions toward improving the preparation of teachers in Texas.  The recipient will be an individual who has been supportive and positive toward the mission of the organizations of CSOTTE. The first Friend of Teacher Education award was presented at the 2006 Fall CSOTTE Conference on Teacher Education.

Recognition of Service

Dr. Javier Villarreal, Aldine ISD

Keynote: Cultivating Mindsets of Persistence and Resilience 

As teacher vacancies continue to exist in most Texas school districts, navigating the underproduction of new, qualified teachers is key.  A lack of interest of individuals who want to become teachers is not the issue, but interest alone does not qualify someone to become a teacher. During these unprecedented times, it has become more transparent of all that is expected of teachers. Understanding that teachers today are expected to be nimble and able to pivot at a moment’s notice is paramount in the preparation and recruitment of educators. 

Dr. Javier Villarreal serves as Chief Human Resources Officer for the Aldine Independent School District.  Dr. Villarreal also serves on the superintendent’s executive leadership team, using over 21 years of experience in public education to support strategic planning efforts, change management, and organizational design initiatives.


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