GENERAL SESSION III: "Let's Do Lunch" Networking Groups

Monday, October 28, 12:15-1:30 pm

Grab a boxed lunch in the first-floor foyer and join a discussion group to

network and extend the discourse opportunities.  

Cooperating with Districts (Video in classrooms, cooperating teacher support, etc)

Facilitator:  TDFE

Location:  Gallant Fox, 2nd floor Convention Center


Curriculum Changes (EdTPA and the new Education Degree)

Facilitator:  ADOT

Location:  Hamilton-Lebanon, 1st floor Convention Center


Deans’ Talk

Facilitator:  Glenda Ballard

Location:  Bass-Bush School, 1st floor Convention Center


EdTPA Concerns

Facilitator:  TDFE

Location:  Frisco 1, 1st floor Convention Center


TACO Time -  New Technology Changes with ASEP Reporting/Debriefing 

Facilitators:  Misti Corn & Mark Olafson

Location:  Frisco 7, 1st floor Convention Center


Meaningful Engagement with Partnerships - Community Colleges, ACPs, Universities  & Districts

Facilitators:  Fay Lee & Cindy Savage

Location:  Ranger-Sea Biscuit, 2nd floor Convention Center



Facilitator:  EDICUT, Neva Cramer

Location:  Frisco 5, 1st floor Convention Center

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